How do schools get my official transcript? 


Your official high school transcript is one of the most important parts of your application. This is the official record of the classes you have taken and the grades you have earned. 

Tips for Requesting Your Official Transcripts 
  • Your school counselor will send your transcript directly to the colleges, career schools, and academies of your choice

  • You can request your transcripts and track when they have been sent through NAVIANCE eDocs.

  • Be sure to request a transcript for every school that you will be applying to. 

  • Once you see that your transcript has been sent from your high school, double check to see that it has been received at the college or university through the admissions portal. 

Final Transcript 

The transcript that you send with your admissions application will probably only include your grades from the first semester of your senior year. After you have selected a college to attend, they will require that you send in a final transcript, showing that you have passed all of your classes and met all of the qualifications to graduate from high school. Be aware, a college CAN rescind your acceptance if you fail a course or participate in any misconduct at the end of your senior year.