What does it


cost to go to college?

The Cost of College 

Consider both the Direct and Indirect Costs of a School

When we think about the cost of college, most of us immediately think about tuition, or the amount of money that you must pay to attend classes. The total cost of college includes both direct costs like tuition and fees and indirect costs like books. It's important that you consider both the direct and indirect cost of attending each school you apply to. This will be a very  important factor when deciding which schools are the best "fit" for you.​

The good news is, the net price that you will end up paying to attend college is often less than you think! Financial aid, grants, and scholarships can greatly offset the amount of money that you and your family will have to spend for college.

Direct Costs of College

The direct cost of college include tuition and fees (what you will pay to take classes) and room and board (housing and meal plan). You will receive a bill from your school for these direct costs.

Indirect Costs of College

The indirect costs of college will not be included on a bill. When thinking about what it will cost you to attend college, you have to consider these costs as well.

Indirect costs of college might include:

  • Books

  • School supplies

  • Parking and transportation costs

  • Computer and printer

  • Personal expenses (laundry, phone bill, hair care products).