Securing Your Spot 

I finally decided what college I want to attend. What do I need to do to make sure I can start school in the Fall? 

Once you have selected a college to attend, be sure to follow through with important steps to ensure that you can start school in the Fall. Be sure to check your mail, email, or any student portals regularly, as schools often send important information to incoming students throughout the summer months. 

Key Steps to Accepting
an Offer of Admission
&  Securing Your Spot 
at Your Selected College 

Enrollment Deposit: once you have selected a school to attend, you will be required to make a deposit showing that you intend to attend the school in the Fall. May 1 is National College Decision Day and the deadline for a student to make a deposit to the college of his or her choice at the overwhelming majority of schools. There are schools that make offers of admissions and accept enrollment deposits after May 1, so be sure to review each of your acceptance letters for specific dates regarding enrollment deposits. 

Accept/Decline Financial Aid: Once you receive your financial aid award letter, you will be required to accept or decline each item offered. In some instances, as with the Federal Direct Loan, you will be required to complete online counseling to officially accept your award.  

Final Transcripts: Double check with your school counselor to ensure that your final transcript has been sent to your school of choice. 

AP Scores: If you have taken AP exams and want to receive college credit for those tests, be sure to have your scores sent to your college or university. 

Housing & Meal Plans: If you will be living on-campus, you will be required to select a meal plan, as well as register for housing.  

Summer Events: Many schools will offer summer events for incoming students and their families. These events are a great way to begin meeting new people and learning the ins and outs of a school before you officially start in the Fall.  

Freshman Orientation: Your school will send you information about freshman orientation, which normally takes place a week or so before the Fall semester begins. Orientation is a way for new students to meet one another, to become familiar with the campus and its services, and to register for Fall courses. You should make every effort to attend your orientation, even if it is not mandatory. 

Work Study: If you have accepted work-study as part of your financial aid award, be sure to take time before school begins to search for work-study positions on campus.