I need a resume for my college applications. What do schools want to see on a resume?  

Resumes are a way for colleges and potential employers to find out more about you in one organized document. Your resume should outline your educational background, along with your involvement in school, the community, and any work experience you might have. Your resume is also the perfect place to highlight any awards and achievements you may have earned. 


Tips for Preparing Your Resume 
  • Keep a portfolio and list of accomplishments that you can add to throughout your entire high school career. NAVIANCE is a great tool to assist with this. 

  • List all the things that make you stand out besides your grades and test scores. 

  • Highlight experiences that show special interests or passions. 

  • Mention special circumstances, such as time spent at part-time jobs, that may have kept you from participating in other extracurricular activities. 

  • Be authentic. Don't add false information or embellish the truth. 

  • Have someone proofread your resume before adding it to your applications. 


Naviance is a great tool for building and maintaining your resume over time. You can use Naviance's resume builder to create a resume in a few simple steps. You can add as many extracurricular activities as you want. Naviance will allow you to choose what activities you print for your final resume!


The steps are simple: ​

  1. Click the "About Me" tab.

  2. Under "Interesting things about me," click "resume."

  3. Where it states "add new entry," select an entry from the drop-down menu.

  4. Begin filling in the appropriate information. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Sample Resume 

Use your formal name typed in a large font to make it stand out. 

Use  a professional email address

that identifies you.

Use full, proper names for organizations, job titles, places worked, etc. . 

Describe your role with a phrase, using action verbs.