Preparing to Leave Home 

I'm excited about living away from home, but I'm also nervous about the whole process. 

Most people have mixed feelings about leaving home to live on-campus. While it is exciting to think about the fun and independence that you will have on-campus, it is also an entirely new experience for most students. 

  • Spend time with your friends from high school and your community. No matter how well you intend to keep in touch with your old friends, once school begins, it often becomes difficult to do so. Make an effort to spend quality time with people close to you. 

  • Do and see the things you love about Baltimore. If you are leaving the Baltimore area, you will want to spend the summer going to some of your favorite stores, eating some of your favorite Baltimore foods, and spending time at your favorite spots in the city. You will be surprised at how much you miss these things when you are away at college. 

  • Contact your new roommate.  Besides getting to know the person you will be living with, you will want to talk with your roommate about logistical things, such as who will bring the TV or microwave. If you get in touch with your roommate and sense that the two of you may not be a good match, this may also give you some time to get your room assignment changed. 

What to Pack 
  • Sheets & bedding. Beds in dorm rooms often require extra-long sheets. 

  • Clothing. Be sure to bring clothing for both warm and cold weather, along with clothes for both casual and formal gatherings. 

  • Toiletries, a shower caddy to keep them in and shower shoes. 

  • Hair care products. You may want to bring a supply of the items you use frequently, just in case you can't find them at stores near your campus. 

  • Disinfectant & other cleaning supplies. 

  • Feminine hygiene products. 

  • School supplies & backpack.

  • ID card and copies of your birth certificate & social security card.