While college might seem far away, middle school is an important part of your journey toward academic success. Start early by focusing on your school work, communicating well with classmates and teachers, and getting involved in after-school activities.

I'm only in middle school.

Why should I be thinking about college now?

How Do You Learn Best?

By discovering how you learn best, you can figure out the most effective study habits and tools for yourself. Take this online quiz to assess what type of learner you are.

Once you’ve identified your learning style, you can find study tips that suit you:
Auditory |  Visual |  Tactile/Kinesthetic

Build Healthy Study Habits 

Completing homework and working on time-management skills are two necessary keys to success. Learn how to take control of homework through time management and prioritizing, and use a free online planner to keep track of class assignments, test dates, and extracurricular activities.

Here are 8 ways to take control of your time.

Get Involved in Activities After-school 

Try out for a sports team at school, join a club you are passionate about, or volunteer in your community. Find an activity that you will be motivated to continue throughout your high school career. Click here to discover why extracurricular activities matter.


Things to Consider 

Prepare for High School Choice  

Review the 2018-2017 Middle and High School Choice Guide and start learning about the different courses, pathways, and extracurricular activities offered at each high school.