How important do you think it is to visit a college before deciding where to apply? What if I want to go to a school out of state and I can't get there to visit any time soon. 

The best way to decide if a school is a good fit for you is to visit. Try to schedule college visits at various points during high school. Consider visiting at least one college every year of high school. A visit can help you get used to being in a college setting, and it will help you narrow down which schools to apply to. It could also be a key factor in deciding what your final choice will be. 

College Tours & Visits 

Get the Most Out of
 Your College Visit 
  • Admissions offices have set times for tours and information sessions. Call the admissions office at least two weeks in advance to schedule a tour.

  •  Visit colleges when school is in session. 

  • Talk to current students. Ask them what they like and dislike about the school. 

  • Eat in the dining hall and check out the student center. You will be spending lots of time in these places if you attend the school. 

  • If possible, take time to explore the campus without a tour guide. 

  • Take notes about anything you particularly liked or disliked. These notes will be helpful when choosing schools to apply to and when making a final decision. 

Wondering What Questions To Ask During a College Tour? 


A number of schools offer travel assistance scholarships and special programs that will allow you to visit a college that might otherwise be too expensive for you to travel to. Take a look at this up-to-date list of programs and see if there are any schools that interest you. Some schools require an application to take advantage of these programs, so don't wait to check, and check often. 

If you can't make it to a college to go on an in-person tour, it's now possible to get a virtual tour of many schools. Many schools offer virtual tours on their websites.  Campus Tours offers video tours and interactive maps of thousands of schools throughout the country. You can also check out  Youniversitytv for virtual tours at a number of major colleges and universities. 

Virtual College Tours 

College fairs are a great opportunity to talk to admissions representatives and learn about a lot of schools in a short period of time. College fairs take place at various locations from community centers to schools and larger venues. Be on the look out for a college fair near you. 

College Fairs 

National College Fair 

Baltimore Convention Center 
October 30, 2018
9:00am-12:00pm, 6:30pm-8:30pm 
October 31, 2018