About BMore Ready 

In November 2015, The Fund for Educational Excellence (Fund) published, Building A Bright Future: Understanding College Readiness in Baltimore City Public Schools. Data was collected from 225 students, parents, and recent graduates now attending college to better understand the obstacles to college readiness in Baltimore City Public Schools. The major themes of the study included a desire to have greater access to college advising, increased information to students and families about how to finance college, and a greater understanding of what the college experience would actually be like. Among recent graduates attending college, there was a strong sense of “culture shock” once on the college campus. Current high school students had a desire to hear about college experiences from students who shared their background.

Guided by the feedback received from students and families, the Fund has worked with Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) and other community partners to create a website and associated social media platforms tailored specifically for students and families from City Schools. The website content provides critical information to students and families about the steps in applying, financing, and transitioning to college. There is also information for students interested in pursuing a career in the military or specialized certifications in a trade. We are most proud of the video content on the website, featuring graduates of City Schools, our student ambassadors. Student ambassadors discuss a variety of topics, from the benefits of taking AP courses to freshman year challenges, and encountering stereotypes and negative perceptions of Baltimore on campus.    


We worked hard to ensure that the website had a look and feel that was appealing to students. Many of the website’s features were designed or inspired by students themselves!

We hope that you find this website to be a valuable addition to the college and career readiness resources available to students and families in Baltimore.

We welcome your feedback and ideas! Share them with us. 

New videos and expanded content will be added to the website on an ongoing basis.  Share your feedback and ideas on how we can improve site content and usage. 

Thank you for your feedback!